Hai câu hỏi mà sinh viên Việt Nam sẽ được hỏi khi phỏng vấn Visa

Viết bởi Denny Đặng – CityU Vietnam Program Director – Senior Consultant

Message to International Students from Vietnam.

When you apply and gain approval for studying abroad in the US as an F1 visa student, your answers to these two common questions are considered as a contract between you and the U.S Consulate General.

  1. What’s your study goal?
  2. Will you return to Vietnam after graduation? (How will you leverage your U.S degree at home internationally?)

The Institute of International Education 2017/18 record shows there are 24,325 Vietnamese studying in the US. They mostly achieve their academic goals, and are a great benefit to the hosting universities and colleges. But when it comes to question #2, a number of students failed to return to Vietnam, and this is an issue that would hinder the approval process for future students applying for visa.

If you don’t get sponsored to work in the U.S after graduation, it’s NOT a failure! You will have a better chance to compete and succeed in landing your dream job at many foreign companies doing business in Vietnam or other countries where your credential and skillsets are aligned well with a company business needs.

Don’t waste your time and potential by working minimum wage odd jobs, faking marriage, or seeking residential status in other ways that hinder your future. Build the career you deserve. Honor your F1 visa contract. Work hard and great things will come no matter where you are. Remember integrity is the foundation on which everything else is built.

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